Sublimation printing has become an increasingly popular method for printing. The advantages are the high resolution images, that can be imprint onto various fabrics and items and it is finding such popularity, because sublimation printing displays absolutely no resolution loss when compared to the original image. Easy to make, at a reasonable cost, into a short time production.

Silk-screen printing is one of the most popular printing techniques, and is the most-used by companies when printing designs onto products of different sizes and materials. It has been used for more than 100 years in the commercial and artistic sector and is mainly used for printing images and designs on T-shirts, bags, paper, wood, ceramics and other materials. We recomand this technique for medium and large quantities, at a low cost with a resonable delivery time.


This technique uses a laser beam to engrave a text, a logo or a design by “scratching” on the item’s surface and is in generally used for items made by metals, plastic or wood. We recommend it for unique designs, individual names for unique items or on low or medium quantities.

 We recommend this technique to display the logo with elegance on high end textile items such as polo shirts, jackets, shirts, backpacks.

Pad Printing is a unique printing process using flexible silicone rubber pads to transfer an inked image from an etched plate, onto the surface of a product. The method is mostly used for printing on pens, office objects, lighters, key-chains, scrapers, toys or other items made of plastic, metal, glass, leather, wood, paper or other materials.

Warehousing a part of the products that we offer, suppliers products or our clients products , preparing the items for the imprint or direct for shipping, depends on requests.
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